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Board Secretary Needed!

The Secretary for the Elm Thicket-Northpark Neighborhood Association, Janet Nicholas, moved out of the neighborhood and resigned her position (although she did have the opportunity to finish out her term of office per the bylaws). It then became necessary to fill that open position.

The Secretary position is primarily responsible for:

  • Recording and publishing general meeting minutes

  • Managing the membership records and ensuring they are up-to-date

  • Handling all correspondence and forwarding to the other Executive Committee members as necessary

  • Supporting the Executive Committee members with necessary administrative tasks

Per the bylaws, the Executive Committee can appoint an interim Secretary for the remainder of the officer's term (through the end of October 2022).

The Executive Committee would like to fill the open position using the following process:

  1. Nominations for the open Secretary position will be accepted between now and January 15.

  2. Those seeking the position must be paid up in their membership dues for the 2021 fiscal year and have lived within the ETNP boundaries for a minimum of 5 years as of January 31, 2020. Those who do not meet the officer qualifications per the bylaws cannot be considered.

  3. Those who are qualified to serve will be contacted for a panel interview with the other members of the Executive Committee to be held between January 16 and January 31.

  4. The Executive Committee will vote and select a person to fill the open Secretary position by February 1.

Note: If no nominations are made by the above timeframe, the Executive Committee will continue to search for an eligible person to fill the role and elect them into office at the earliest available opportunity.

If you are interested in serving as our new Secretary or have any additional questions, please email the Executive Committee at

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